How to fill in the order form? -

How to complete the order form?

Step 1

First tell us whether you need transfer from home to airport or from airport to your place.
There are buttons for three most chosen airports in southern Poland, but if you need other airport, just click "other".

Step 2

After you make choice with the airport, next fields will appear:
- Number of passengers
- Your first and last name
- Telephone number (preferably cell phone)
- E-mail
- Address - this is where you put address where we go to pick you up and transfer you to a departure airport (in case "Transfer to" had been chosen) or address to where we bring you after we pick you at the arrivals (this is in case "Transfer from" had been chosen).
- Date of departure/arrival

Step 3

After picking a date, there are only 3 fields left:
- Time of departure/arrival - this is where you put actual time your plane departs / your flight arrives (NOTE: not the time of leaving your place for the airport).
- Airline you travel with
- Where do you fly to? - put here a name of airport of origin / destination airport

We need the information to estimate time needed to get to airport correctly.

In the field below you can give us some additional info. You can put there something important or just send us a smile with emoticon :-)
Note that by pressing "Order" button, you don't make reservation. Please wait for answer to obtain payment details. We will confirm your reservation as soon as we receive your payment.

I don't want any other passenger(s) to travel with me - what does it mean?
Let's assume that you, your wife and two kids need a transfer to an airport - that's total of four people. But our vans can accomodate four more persons for that transfer. If you agree to travel with other passengers, we can lower the fare for you. Obviously, it doesn't mean that you will have to travel with other passenger(s), it's just your permission, so that we can sell tickets to that particular ride.